Personalized Woven Photo Throws

A photo throw is a better choice and why choose us?

Quality and Service.  We are experts, weavers of the highest order.  You will see our High Quality difference as you compare our tapestry woven photo blanket to others on the market.

You will appreciate our service as we weave and ship your blanket in 5 days at no extra charge to you.  You will love the fact that we send you emails as your blanket moves through our factory and you can see its progress and know what is happening.  We also send you FedEx tracking information once the blanket ships from our mill.

Photo throws are a unique and personal comfort gift.


Wrap yourself up in a family memory. We offer two sizes of photo throws.   The first is  54 inches by 70 inches.  We are also selling lap photo blankets (50×60).  These smaller blankets are perfect for a small chair or love seat.  We are also proud that our blankets are Made in the USA.

Display your woven photo blanket on couches and chairs, or take one with you anywhere you go.   This is woven from 100% cotton and is truly an heirloom.  Woven, not printed, these blankets will surely last a lifetime. We also sell a fine line of woven photo pillows and tapestry wall hangings to complement your décor.

The process is simple – Click to Order, fill out our easy form and upload your photo. In less than two weeks, your custom woven, one-of-a-kind throw blanket will be delivered to you! We will send you updates on the progress of your order as it is weaving as well as detailed shipping and tracking information.

Our woven photo throws have delighted thousands of families. We are regular family people and want you to be happy with your photo blanket. If you are looking for the highest quality photo throw blanket on the market, delivered on time, you have come to the right place.

189 thoughts on “Personalized Woven Photo Throws

  1. From the moment I saw a Groupon for Photoweavers I fell in Love…my 1 year anniversary is coming up and it seemed like the perfect idea to commemorate our time together. The anticipation has been building inside of me since I pressed the Purchase button and today it Finally arrived. I couldn’t wait to get home and see what they had created and it surpassed my expectations. Now I just can’t wait for him to open it up and see the look on his face. Thank You Photoweavers for giving me an amazing present to give to the man I absolutely Love. I will definitely be making another purchase in the Near future.
    Sincerely, Cassie Constant

  2. I just received my first photo blanket in the mail today. Ten minutes after opening the package, I was online ordering two more. I intended the first to be a blanket for my mom (all photos of my son), but I loved the blanket so much I decided I needed one for home, and one for each grandma! I will definitely order again in the future! Excellent quality and the pictures turned out great!!! Thank you for an amazing head start on Christmas shopping! These are going to be the hit of our holiday season.

  3. In July 2012, I lost my brother in a vehicle accident, so when I seen this on Groupon I thought it might be something special for my parents to have with my brothers picture on it. I must say it is something beyond special!! It is so beautiful! The blanket could NOT be made any more perfect than what it is! Because of how wonderful and special it is, we went online just last week and ordered (1) blanket for my niece and (3) pillows, one for each of my nephews, each one with a picture of them and their dad on it for Christmas! I know without a doubt, they will find to be as special as we do!! So Thank You for the beautiful work that you do!!

  4. Our first photo blanket arrived today and exceeded any & all expectations. The pictures on the blanket have incredible color, reality and depth. This blanket was a trial to determine if we might order more as gifts and we are already talking about what for who. We are so pleased with how the blanket turned out and want to say thanks to Photo Weavers for a terrific job. Besides the beautiful blanket, you delivered it within 1.5 weeks of placing the order. You are tops!

  5. Absolutely Beautiful!!! I ordered the photo blanket for my mom for her birthday, I put all the great grandchildren on it. Website was super easy to use! I ordered this blanket the beginning of November for her December Birthday, The blanket was delivered in less than a week!! Only downfall now, is I have to wait to give it to her!!! Thanks for the awesome gift idea!!!!

  6. I bought two blankets, one for my boyfriend and one for his parents. Their dog passed away, so I used pictures of her. They all loved the blankets and said it was such a thoughtful gift. The quality is terrific and the pictures came out so clear. I suggest buying a blanket 100%!!!

  7. I just got my blanket today and I love it! I got it for my brothers girlfriend and I know she will love it too! Nice and thick and the picture turned out great! Thank you

  8. I was a little leery ordering this wondering how my pictures would look on a blanket. Let me just say that I was floored at how beautiful it turned out. I ordered one as a Christmas gift to my mother, and now I wish I would have ordered one for myself. The quality and detail are amazing and simply gorgeous. Even my husband had a lot of good things to say about it! Thank you!

  9. I ordered 4 blankets for the holidays and received them yesterday. I am amazed at the quality and face clarity. I am disappointed that I didn’t order one for myself. I know my parents will love the one of them and the grand kids. The other three blankets were of my husband’s granny who passed away 14 years ago. His mother and aunts will be pleasantly surprised to open up the blankets and see her beautiful face smiling at them! I will be ordering again…..this time for myself!

  10. I was so satisfied with my photo blanket beyond words. Exceeded all my expectatons! It truly is perfect. Thank you very much! Great job can hardly wait to give it for xmas!! Thanks again! Spectacular!

  11. Thank you for this amazing blanket. Ordered one for my mom for her birthday and she LOVED it. Wonderful quality and so meaningful.

  12. I purchased 2 large woven blankets from you for my sisters at Christmas time, the pictures I had chosen had very sentimental value. My sisters opened their present and the tears began to flow!! These were the most beautiful, quality blankets ever purchased!! They will be treasured forever! The workmanship was beyond compare, I will definately return to buy more!

  13. Ordering my daughter’s photo blanket was so easy – the website is wonderfully laid out and intuitive. I received the blanket quickly. My daughter loved loved loved it. The quality of the blanket and the four photos on it were more than I expected. The value for the personalized product is amazing. Thank you!

  14. I must say, I bought the Groupon and it was one of those things that I thought it was to good to be true. However, I always get my daughter something for Mother’s Day, she is a single mother so someone has to do it, a friend suggested this blanket. I bought the Groupon and ordered. This blanket is absolutly amazing, the detail is outstanding. This is a gift I will suggest to anyone. Thank you for the fast delivery time and the wonderful job on this blanket.


  15. This was my first time purchasing an item from your website. I can tell you it will not be my last. I purchaed a blanket for my mother. The blanket was of my mother and father on their wedding day in 1961. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to hear my Mother tell me it was the best present she had ever recieved. You see my Father passed away 2 years ago on December 24th. Now when she sitting in her chair reading…the blaket keeps her warm with her memories. Thank you so much for being able to give such a wonderful gift.
    Daugher of Billy & Martha Sue Johnson
    August 19, 1961

  16. I have purchased 6 throws since before Christmas to be used as rememberance gifts. The details that come through on these throws are amazing. I would give this company a 5+ out of 5 star rating if there was a way I could rate my experience. Definitely my “go-to-company” when I want a unique gift for someone.

  17. We ordered a blanket as a gift for my mother and step-dad. Ordered before a family trip and presented while on the trip.

    This was truly memorable. So much so, when they returned they showed it off to the travel agent and the office was wowed! I did a video review. Check it out:

  18. Thank you so much for this video. :) Please use this code PIN2013 on your next order for a great mother’s day discount.

  19. I used professional pictures made for my throw after I got permission to use the pictures and the pictures did not come out as clear as I would have hoped. You can tell what the picture is but it is kind of speculed with colors not in the original picture. I know it is woven and hard to get exact but thought it would have been a little clearer. Most of the pictures were white and blue and skin tone. It just looks like the pixels are off in the pictures or something. Maybe I used photos that were too good of a quality or something. I am still giving it as a gift as I know my mom will still like it.

  20. I brought four throws as Mother’s Day gifts and all three receipients called me in tears.The quality and detail of the the throws are more than I ever expected!

  21. I’ve so far ordered two large throws and they won’t be the last ones. The website and its easy to follow tips and tricks make it incredibly simple to design a blanket with a step-by-step process that even somebody who might be a bit intimidated by computers/”graphic design” would feel comfortable. The quality of the final product is excellent with thick yarn and images reflective of original colors; one can really see a difference between woven vs. print. And the customer service provided is very responsive and helpful. Thank you so much!

  22. I have not received my banket yet but creating it was super easy and user friendly.

    I had some questions about the process and the customer service provided by Dennis was fantastic. This is the perfect Christmas gift so I look forward to more purchases!!!

  23. Photoweavers did a fantastic reproduction of our photos onto the blanket. We were amazed at the crisp color and detail copied from the photo to the blanket. We would highly recommend this process and Photoweavers to others.

  24. I just received my blanket and I was amazed at how wonderful it looks. I was concerned at first as most of the photos were of my black Lab, but they came out great. The whole process on the website was incredibly easy. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Thanks again for the great keepsake.

  25. This is the second throw I have bought from you. Just like the first one it exceeded all expectation. It is absolutely gorgeous!! The quality is awesome!!
    When I bought my groupon I was thinking….if people only knew how good you were you would sell millions of them! Thank you so much :)

  26. I ordered a throw as a wedding gift and I was a little concerned that it would not be finished in time for the occasion (which is next month), but it arrived within a week of ordering it and I love it! I’m sure the recipients will love it too. Thanks!

  27. Photoweavers has become my ‘go to’ gift destination. The most difficult part is figuring out what pictures to use (or in some cases… getting the pictures). I have now ordered my 5th afghan… ranging from themes of ‘minister ordination anniversary’, parents anniversary, wedding, and one to help a beautiful woman who is losing her memories… to literally have memories of her family to hold on to and wrap herself in.
    Customer Service is excellent, the product is amazing.
    My only tip to those trying for the 1st time… read through the website tips… it all starts with the best quality picture with good contract. Black and White photo’s can be a bit more ‘diluted’ when contrast is minimal.

    Photoweavers… I will be back… you have a client for many years to come.

  28. Just had another great experience with Photoweavers. I ordered my 4th blanket, and have loved every one of them. It’s my ‘gift of choice’ for a really special surprise. I’ve even needed some guidance on ‘how-to’ , and Dennis has gotten back to me right away by email for the help I’ve needed. Great company! Trust-worthy staff, quick shipping, and an awesome present!

  29. I ordered a large blanket. My blanket was delivered fast, and I was impressed by the quality of the material. We will be ordering more. They make great gifts.

  30. My sister recently lost her cat of 17.5 years. She was completely devastated and is still having a hard time with it. I wanted to give her a personal and memorable gift and stumbled upon a groupon for I thought this was a wonderful idea. I ordered a photo blanket with 3 pictures off her cat. Received it 10 days later and was so excited to give it to her. It came out gorgeous!! Looks exactly how it is shown on the website. She absolutely loves it!! She said the blanket actually helps her cope with her loss. This is such a wonderful gift idea for any occasion.

  31. My son went on a mission trip to Africa with a group of youth from church. There was one picture in particular that seemed to symbolize the entire event so I decided to surprise him with a blanket. I couldn’t be happier with the final product! Now I can’t wait for him to see it at Christmas and will be watching for future Groupon offers so I can get one for my other son :)

  32. I can’t put into words how AMAZING the woven blanket is. I almost cried when I pulled it out of the delivery bag. It was above and beyond my expectation. I’m giving this to my boyfriend for Christmas and I can’t wait. Amazing quality! I will be sure to tell EVERYONE about this.

  33. I have to admit — I was first reluctant to upload pictures to the website and have it woven on a blanket. I kept thinking that the picture would get lost in the translation.
    BOY WAS I WRONG!! Photoweavers — you have a customer FOR LIFE.
    When I pulled the blanket out of the bag..I had the biggest smile on my face. The photos were of me and my brothers, while the blanket is for our mother for Christmas. I want to give her the blanket right now…that’s how excited I am to give it to her. I chose four pictures, along with some graphic logos to put in the “dead space” and they ALL came out crystal clear.
    This is BY FAR the best present (not just Christmas) that I have bought for my mom, in the past 33 years.
    Absolutely STUNNING — I can’t stop talking about it!!

  34. This is my second time ordering a photo blanket from your company. I was so surprised that each time I received it within 2 weeks of ordering. The blankets are beautiful. We did one of pictures of our beloved dog (who we had died) and every time I see the blanket it brings back such wonderful memories. The last blanket was for my son and it has pictures of him and his dog, I can’t wait for him to see it Christmas eve. Thank you so much for the beautiful blankets.

  35. The blankets I ordered were Christmas gifts. The picture quality was amazing. The promptness of receiving the order was incredible. The fact that the products are made in America just makes me want to order again. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone! Thanks for making this a most memorable Christmas!

  36. I ordered a photo throw with Groupon I purchased. This was my first order from “Photo Weavers”. I have to say it blew me away when I first opened my package. Wow! It was amazing to see what they do with just photos. I would recommend “Photo Weavers” to anyone that wants a memorable gift for someone special or even for yourself. I ordered it as a memorial gift for my mother. I know she will cry when she sees her 2 children woven into the fabric. Amazing, speechless. Thank You Photo Weavers. I will be back!

  37. My mothers suffers from Alzheimer. In years past she loved to paint, but no longer has the patience or desire. As a keepsake for my daughters I made a photograph of one of her paintings and send to PhotoWeavers. The blanket is just beautiful and such a WONDERFUL way to pass down a little bit of Nana’s creativity and talent. The worksmenship is far beyond anything I expected. Absolutely beautiful! Special memories preserved and shared for generations to come. Thank you! I will be ordering another!

  38. My children had gotten me a throw for christmas 2013 with photos of my granddaughter and me and it is the most wonderful gift I have ever received.
    I took it to work to show it off and had quite a few people asking for the website so hopefully you will see more orders.
    The quality is wonderful and it is well worth the price..

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